Sensing the Savior

In my Relief Society today we did an amazing activity called “Sensing the Savior”… We were each given a blind fold so the only senses exposed and influenced were our ability to hear and touch. We began the activity listening to a song that related Christ’s experience in the manger and as we heard it we were given straw in our hands.

The second song was about his adolescence as a carpenter and we were given woodblocks, this was followed by the next song which was about Christ’s sacrifice and his atonement and we were each given a nail to hold unto.

The last song with an object was about Christ’s resurrection and ministry among men. We felt cloth that felt as if it were the savior walking by and we could only feel the bottom of his clothing.

The final song we were told to take off our blind folds and see pictures of a slideshow that had pictures of Christ throughout his life.

This activity helped me to see how when I loose focus on the most important helper in my life here on Earth that I will take for grant ate the precious aspects of the Saviors life.

I found that we could focus on the Savior and see him through the other senses. Doing so helped me to remember to sense the Savior not only during the Christmas season but all through the year.